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Our you ready for 2021

Native Omahans Week

July 26th -August 2nd 2021





Welcome to the Official Website of The Native Omahans Club ® Native Omahans Days ©, Incorporated, founded in 1976 as the Omaha Homecoming Planning Committee is a non-profit (501 C3) organization whose mission is to promote:


  • Positive social welfare
  • Common good
  • General welfare
  • Scholarships
  • Cultural, social and recreational activities

and to assist in providing the achievement of support and understanding of respect and diversity through committed volunteers, leadership, and standards of excellence for the City of Omaha and the North Omaha community to reminisce our heritage as a united com



Omaha Economic Development Corporation

The Omaha Star 

 Empowerment Network



22nd Biennial Native Omahans Days 2019.

No events